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BJP to Election Commission: Ban cycles in UP till elections as they promote Samajwadi Party

16, Jan 2017 By Sandeep Kadian

Lucknow: Political parties asking election commission to hide opponent’s election symbol is nothing new in Indian politics. From Congress demand to hide lotus ponds in MP in 2013 to Election commission draping Mayawati’s statues in UP in 2012, there have been quite a few instances. Now, BJP has made such a demand in the lead up to assembly elections in the most populous state in India, Uttar Pradesh. BJP has asked election commission to ban cycles on the roads in UP till the last ballot is cast on 11th of March.

Samajwadi Party
Samajwadi cycle may soon disappear

Addressing the media outside the Election Commission office, BJP leader Shri Keshav Prasad Maurya said ,”All these cycles on the road is surrogate campaigning by Samajwadi Party and it must stop. What will they say if we spread lotus flowers on every road in the state or Mayawati Ji brings elephants to roam every street. They will raise the same objections that we are raising now. We don’t want a permanent ban on cycle, we just want EC to pass an order that no cycle should be seen in public till voting is going on in the state.”

“We do know that Samajwadi Party has avoided building roads to force people to use cycle since it is the cheapest off-road vehicle available for common man. They wanted more and more people to ride a cycle and campaign for them. Very smart but hopefully, EC will see through this oversmartness”, he added.

When we asked if they will raise the issue of Congress symbol as well, Mr Maurya told us that it is not planned yet but asking everyone to keep their hands in the pocket till elections won’t be a bad idea.

Meanwhile, frustrated with all the cycle related issues reaching their office, Election Commission is planning to ban the cycle symbol permanently.