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BJP has hired Thanos to remove half of our MLAs: Congress

17, May 2018 By Sandeep Kadian

Bengaluru: As the political circus in Karnataka continues, Congress has leveled a serious charge at BJP accusing them of colluding with the dreaded villain Thanos to secure majority in the assembly. Congress has alleged that BJP has hired Thanos as part of their efforts to secure majority during the floor test. It has been alleged that BJP wants Thanos to snap his fingers and get rid of 50% of the Congress MLAs resulting in reduced numbers for INC-JDS alliance in the assembly, securing the trust vote for BS Yeddyurappa.

As per current calculations, BJP needs some MLAs from INC-JDS alliance to abstain to get the required majority in the house and if Thanos removes as many as 50% of the MLAs then it will be a cakewalk for BJP in the assembly.

Speaking to Faking News, one of the Congress MLAs said,” We have got confirmed news from sources that Amit Shah has approached Thanos and Thanos has even accepted the offer. Of course, he will agree, we think those 2 are brothers. Look at their faces, they look so similar. All of our MLAs must be protected from Thanos at any cost to save democracy.”

“We appeal to all superheroes in the world to reveal themselves now and protect us from Shah-Thanos combination. Rahul Gandhi Ji is a superhero but we don’t think 1 superhero can match Thanos”, he added.

Meanwhile, all Congress MLAs have retreated to Wakanda Eagleton resort in the hope that Thanos will not be able to follow them there.