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BJP hires HR consultancy firm to train party hoppers in the art of facing the media

18, Jan 2015 By burabandar

New Delhi. Faced with a string of party hopping witnessed among politicians in the run up to the Delhi polls, BJP has hired an HR consultancy firm to take care of their political recruitment.

The party, which is a current favorite of politicians cutting across spectrum of corruption, through its spokesperson confirmed the development, “We generally do not have an issue with a leader changing parties too frequently. Our worry is when media tracks down their past comments, videos and tweets, it becomes difficult to justify. Though we are experts at appearing as shameless in the public life, Saheb insists good PR is essential & critical for achhe din.”

“It’s perfectly logical”

With the election scene heating up in Delhi, there is a mad last minute rush among parties and leaders alike to grab market (sic vote) share.

An insider view well known in the political circles is that politics is unlike a government job where one can retire after not working at all for 30-40yrs.

Local Delhi residents are neither concerned nor amused by this development.

Shree Ram Gupta a resident of Rohini said, “aisa hee hai jaise pehle unhone Red Line buses ka naam badal kar Blue Line kar diya tha. Red line bhi kukhyat thee, aur Blue Line bhi. Kuch nahi badla, sirf naam. Ye Neta log bhi waise hee hote hain” (It’s like when they changed the name of Red Line buses to Blue Line buses in Delhi – notorious were the red ones, and so were the blue ones – nothing changed just the name. These politicians are also the same).

On being asked, whether he would vote for the same guy in a different party, Gupta Ji had a little piece of philosophy for us, “Beta, rajniti mein bhi daag achhe hote hain.” (Son, even in politics, dirt is good), obviously referring to the catch line of a popular detergent powder.

Shazia Ilmi, a new recruit by the party agrees, “This is such a huge media conspiracy. The moment I intended to hop parties, these people just dug up my past tweets condemning the leadership. Well, even we politicians are professionals and have an equal right to join a party that has better fortunes. It’s just like say when brand manager of Coke joins Pepsi, he will prostrate himself in front of Pepsi can even when he had earlier been overtly critical of it. There’s nothing personal to it.”