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BJP leader wants Salman Khan to be party's PM candidate

29, Jan 2013 By Pagal Patrakar

Mumbai. The race for becoming the Prime Ministerial candidate of the BJP/NDA has become even more competitive and confusing. After Yashwant Sinha recommended Narendra Modi and Shiv Sena preferred Sushma Swaraj, a little-known leader of the party has recommended the name of Salman Khan.

“We have learnt all the bad things from Congress, such as corruption, foot-in-mouth statements from our leaders, confusion on economic policies, etc. It’s time we learn some good things from them too,” the BJP leader argued.

“We should make a member from the minority community our Prime Ministerial candidate,” the leader, who didn’t want to be named, suggested, “Sikhs are to Congress what Muslims are to BJP. If Congress fought last elections under a Sikh, we should go for a Muslim, and my choice is Salman Khan.”

Salman Khan and Vinod Khanna
Salman had earlier campaigned for a few BJP leaders, such as Vinod Khanna.

The choice of Salman Khan was backed by factors like widespread appeal despite being a polarizing figure, acceptance among the youth (especially among those who have no idea about politics and who tend to vote Congress consequently), acceptance among the core Hindu groups, and someone who matches Rahul Gandhi – the putative Prime Ministerial candidate of Congress for the next general elections.

“Salman is over 40, young, good-looking, and unmarried like Rahul Gandhi, and his movies have as much logic as some of the statements by Rahul,” the BJP leader told Faking News, “Shiv Sena too supports Salman, while JD-U will not oppose a Muslim candidate; so he’s good for the alliance too!”

The leader further pointed out that Salman holds Ganpati Puja at his home, which could convince Hindu groups of his acceptability, while he could get much more Muslim votes than any current BJP leader, including the Muslim ones, can ever manage.

The leader further argued that just like Congress manages to get votes in the Sikh majority state of Punjab, BJP will do better in the Muslim majority state of Jammu & Kashmir after Salman is made the party’s Prime Ministerial candidate.

“If Salman Khan ends up marrying Katrina Kaif, who is half Kashmiri, I don’t see any reason why BJP can’t win elections in Kashmir,” the leader came up with the logic.

When asked about the various criminal cases, such as hit-and-run and illegal poaching of Black Buck, which Salman faces, the leader said that the party could use them as strings to control the Bollywood superstar if he refused to toe the party-line.

“We can transfer these cases to the CBI, which is the best tool to control any political leader having independent ambitions,” he suggested.

When contacted for comments, Salman Khan said, “kya bakwaas hai yaar! I’m not the Khan whose movies have flopped recently, so no plans to enter politics.”