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BJP leaders feeling like sales professionals after being given target of Mission 60+ for Delhi elections

29, Dec 2014 By indianpsycho

New Delhi. If reports are to be believed, Delhi BJP leaders have started feeling like sales professionals of the party after the party president Amit Shah unveiled his ‘Mission 60+’ for the upcoming assembly elections to be held in national capital.

The Delhi BJP unit which was mentally prepared for a target of Mission 36+ was reportedly shocked at such a high figure, which they had not imagined after J&K and Jharkhand election results.

Chilling like true sales heads after giving an improbable target to the team.
Chilling like true sales heads after giving an improbable target to the team.

“I have seen such kind of highly implausible targets being set only for sales professionals,” argued a BJP leader.

“Why leave those 10 seats also?” he asked sarcastically, “Its like telling a person to watch Humshakals and then asking him to stop after he has finished watching 90% of the movie.”

However it is not just the huge target that has got BJP leaders feeling like sales guys, but also the manner in which Amit Shah seemed to have exhorted them to achieve the figures.

“Like a typical sales head, he has very easily asked us to move out on field in this chilling winter, forcing us to on outdoor campaigning and door to door meetings. This is so much like cold calls that sales guys are pressurized to do by their bosses,” said another sitting BJP MLA.

“And all this while Amit ji will himself munch on samosas sitting in the party headquarters,” the MLA added.

According to sources, the Delhi BJP unit did protest and in their argument pointed towards how the party suffered embarrassment in J&K after failing to achieve only half of their Mission 44 there, but Amit Shah did not budge.

“For a moment we thought if we were being briefed by an IT Project manager,” revealed a senior party leader.

Meanwhile Delhi BJP unit is already planning to rope in Indian batting star Virat Kohli in their team, in their bid to chase down Mission 60+.

“After all it’s a team work,” said a BJP leader, as he hoped to play the role of Rohit Sharma in the Delhi BJP unit while Virat goes about chasing Mission 60+.