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BJP leaders in Jharkhand ask for Indian citizenship after being persecuted by voters, realize later that they already have it

23, Dec 2019 By Guest Patrakar

Jharkhand. Incumbent CM Raghubar Das has refused to concede defeat despite the Congress-JMM alliance touching the majority mark of 41.


In fact some BJP leaders in Jharkhand actually demanded citizenship from India after being persecuted by the voters in Jharkhand. But they realized later that they already have citizenship.

The Jharkhand BJP leaders were confident that the voters will vote for the party as they thought people do support CAA and NRC here. But the result was totally different. Some BJP leaders lost by huge margins and they felt persecuted by the voters. The leaders took this opportunity to speak about the importance of NRC and CAA. They told in the press conference that now that they are persecuted, they will be given citizenship by the Indian government.

But a senior reporter stood up and told them that they already have citizenship and should not worry about it anymore. Amit Shah termed the loss as a temporary one as the main result will come out only after he calls up all MLAs in the next 24 hours. Congress and JMM have started searching for good hotels around the state to keep the MLAs safe.