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BJP MLAs claim some ghost in Karnataka assembly controls their mobile phones

11, Dec 2014 By indianpsycho

Bangalore. After yet another embarrassing incident involving a BJP MLA in Karnataka zooming into the photo of Priyanka Gandhi during a serious debate in the legislative assembly, a group of BJP MLAs from the state have claimed that there is some ghost in the house which controls their mobile phones.

It may be recalled that few BJP MLAs from Karnataka were earlier caught watching porn in the assembly in the year 2012.

MLA ghost in the act.
MLA ghost in the act.

BJP MLAs claim that the moment they enter the legislative assembly, there is some unexplained urge they feel to surf the web on their mobile phones and do things that have absolutely no relevance to what is being discussed in the house.

“It is as if suddenly some ghost enters our bodies and starts controlling our actions,” one such MLA claimed.

“First time it happened to us in 2012, we were shocked but we didn’t mind what that spirit was doing on our mobile phone and took it in right spirit. But this time when the spirit tried to zoom into photo of a lady belonging to the opposition party, we had to come out in open,” added Laxman Savadi, declaring that he loved BJP more than Congress.

When asked why they didn’t make this revelation 2 years ago, the BJP MLAs claimed that they were not sure as to who this ghost could be, hence kept mum.

But BJP MLAs were now sure about existence of the ghost after fellow BJP MP and part time astrologer Ramesh Pokhriyal analyzed the situation inside assembly, did some vastu analysis, and told them about presence of the ghosts there.

However another MLA, accused of playing Candy Crush on his mobile in the assembly, has blamed Congress for the act.

“Many of my congress MLA colleagues regularly send me Candy Crush requests on Facebook and trick me into playing the game. Today I just fell into their trap and unfortunately it happened in the house,” argued U.B. Banakar who claimed to be good friends with Rahul Gandhi.

Meanwhile, Samajwadi Party has asked the BJP to sack these MLAs. Experts claim that SP is eyeing entry into state politics.

“If these MLAs are sacked, they are more than welcome into our party. Aakhir ladke hain, galti ho jaati hai,” confirmed SP supremo Mulayam Singh Yadav.