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BJP-NCP announce “Kiss of Love” campaign against moral policing of Shiv Sena

12, Nov 2014 By Pagal Patrakar

Mumbai. Two men, one a supporter of BJP and another NCP supporter, were found hugging each other near Marine Drive this afternoon, jobless sources who gather there to watch couples confirm to Faking News.

Sources further confirm that barely a minute had passed with both of them in each other’s arms that some Shiv Sainiks started beating them.

It is not yet clear whether the Sainiks were enraged at public display of same sex affection or over the political affiliations of the men, but both BJP and NCP have condemned this “moral policing” by Shiv Sena.

Maharashtra BJP
The men were unidentified but according to sources, they were wearing masks.

“This is highly objectionable. We stand for individual liberty,” a BJP leader condemned the attack, though he declined to comment on whether the party was in favor of gay rights.

NCP too claimed that Shiv Sena was trying to destabilize the routine activities at Marine Drive. They later rejected demands by some quarters asking for a fair investigation to ascertain if the hugging men possessed and consumed some banned drug that caused them to fall in each other’s arms.

“The law will take its own course, but those men shouldn’t be victimized,” an NCP leader said referring to the couple who were targeted by Shiv Sena, “But trust us, there is no need for any investigations.”

To further protest against such acts of Shiv Sena, BJP and NCP have announced a “Kiss of Love” campaign which will involve the two parties working closely on various issues.

However, Shiv Sena has called it a drama and accused BJP of kissing in an obscene manner publicly when they could have done the same inside a private room with little help from Shiv Sainiks.

“Why did the BJP guy choose the NCP guy who was earlier seen on Marine Drive pissing publicly in the ocean?” a Shiv Sena leader protested, “We will not tolerate such behavior and bash these guys again.”

Meanwhile some Congress supporters, confused over whatever happened, decided to sit by the Marine Drive boulevard and look at the sun setting at the horizon.