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BJP-Shiv Sena go a week without disagreeing, alliance stability questioned

10, Jan 2017 By Sandeep Kadian

Mumbai: Stability of the ruling BJP-Shiv Sena alliance has been questioned by political pundits after they failed to disagree on anything over the past 1 week. Shiv Sena has always taken the lead when it comes to criticizing BJP over any issue but they have kept quiet for an incredible 7 days now. No BJP leader has made a snide remark about Shiv Sena either during this period and that has given birth to several questions.

BJP-Shiv Sena
Is the alliance over?

“BJP-Shiv Sena alliance is like an Indian marriage. They fight, they argue, they disagree but ultimately, they stay together. In fact, greater their disagreements, stronger is their alliance. However, we haven’t heard about any disagreement over the past week and as any married person knows, silent treatment means a big storm is brewing. Shiv Sena isn’t criticizing state or national government and that must be causing a lot of concern to the BJP leadership”, noted political expert Yoginder Jadhav said.

Furthermore he added, “With BJP preparing to go into elections in 5 states, last thing they want is trouble in the states where they are already ruling. This silence from Shiv Sena may spell real trouble for BJP and they must tackle this problem before it becomes a severe headache. They must give some ammunition to Shiv Sena leadership immediately so that they can criticize BJP and save this alliance.”

A senior journalist covering BJP-Shiv Sena for the past few decades also voiced her concern at the lack of activity. “I am reading Saamna’s every issue but there is nothing, no statement by Uddhav Ji or Sanjay Raut Ji against BJP’s policies. Even BJPO leaders are also not lashing out at Shiv Sena. I think I will have to look for another beat if these guys stop disagreeing with each other.”

Meanwhile, Shiv Sena sources have denied any rift between the two partners and have confirmed that they will soon start a massive fight with BJP confirming the strength of the alliance.