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BJP supporters start petition urging Deepika Padukone to date Rahul Gandhi

21, Jan 2013 By Sandeep Kadian

New Delhi. Frustrated by the inability of their own party leaders, some BJP supporters have decided to take matters into their own hands to ensure a BJP victory in the 2014 general elections. A group of these supporters has started an online petition urging Bollywood star Deepika Padukone to date Rahul Gandhi, the preordained Prime Ministerial candidate of the ruling UPA alliance.

Explaining the rationale behind this petition, Mr. Rahul Gupta the representative of the group said, “We were celebrating couple of days back when we heard that Rahul Gandhi will lead UPA campaign during 2014 elections but BJP is trying hard to level the playing field by electing Nitin Gadkari as the party president once again. We need something to gain the edge again and looking at Deepika ji’s track record, she may be the ideal person to pull down Rahul Gandhi, even below Nitin Gadkari.”

He added, “When talented people like Yuvraj Singh and Ranbir Kapoor started struggling while dating her then what chance does Rahul ji have? Rahul ji is more in league with Siddharth Mallaya and look what happened to not just him but his father too. We hope for a similar bankruptcy for Mrs. Gandhi after her son dates Deepika.”

Deepika Padukone
Deepika is reported to be a bit taller than Rahul, but BJP supporters say that it won’t be a problem as Rahul Gandhi is known to like bigger roles.

“Rahul Gandhi said in his speech that he loved to play Badminton and Deepika Padukone is the daughter of the best Badminton player India ever produced. She played Badminton herself before entering Bollywood so Rahul ji will be interested in her. That could be the starting point of their relationship”, a hopeful Mr. Gupta went on to add.

However, experts are not too optimistic about this match as Deepika Padukone doesn’t belong to any Minority or Dalit Community so Rahul Gandhi is unlikely to meet her with too much warmth.

BJP President, Mr. Nitin Gadkari meanwhile has refused to take it as a condemnation of his leadership. Mr. Gadkari said, “How can they not be comfortable with my leadership if they are working so hard to ensure we win the elections with me as the president. We need to promote this out of the box thinking culture. Maybe, they can join Purti Group once this mission is accomplished, we need such smart thinkers in our company.”

Meanwhile, leading journalists and thinkers, especially those on Twitter, have termed this petition a result of “misogyny” and “patriarchal mindset” because it discounts the will and views of Deepika Padukone about Rahul Gandhi.

Ms. Padukone was unavailable for a comment but the online petition has already got 14,589 signatures and Mr. Gupta plans to submit the application to Deepika after reaching 100,000 signatures.

As per sources within this support group, Siddharth Mallaya and Dr. Vijay Mallaya were the first to sign this petition.