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BJP to provide memory booster pills to common man to remember scams by UPA

20, Sep 2012 By thenali

New Delhi. Scared that the aam aadmi might forget the scams after the UPA government introduced decisions like reducing subsidy and allowing FDI in sectors like Retail and Aviation, BJP has decided to form an alternate strategy to defeat Congress.

BJP will provide the common man with free memory boosting pills that would enable him to remember each and every scam by the UPA government, apart from helping him not forget other important issues like inflation and policy paralysis.

Memory pills
The memory booster pills would be in all colors, especially in Saffron and Green, so that BJP gets support of secular NDA parties.

“We tried stalling Parliament and it did create news, but unfortunately Parliament sessions don’t run round the clock like news channels,” LK Advani told Faking News, “Since we can’t bank on media companies, we have decided to rope in a pharma company to supply memory boosting tablets to the common man. They would help them those huge numbers reported by CAG and correctly map them to the respective scams.”

The move has found the opposition divided as usual, with Nitish Kumar especially against any such attempt. Experts believe that Nitish Kumar is wary of people not forgetting his old pictures with Narendra Modi.

Many other leaders, including some in BJP, have warned that such pills could prove to be counter-productive as people may not forget even promises made by politicians, such as promise to make a Ram Temple at Ayodhya, and later take them to task in the ensuing elections.

However, Advani has assured that the special pills would only act as memory boosters and they would not make the common man any more intellectual, thus the control over the masses will retain with the politicians.

While BJP is yet to distribute these free pills, Congress does not appear worried by the move.

“We have good lawyers in our team to handle trivial issues like these. We will claim anything unfavorable to us as quoted out of context by media. If we can’t convince them, we would confuse them with our brilliant claims like Zero Loss theory,” claimed a Congress source.

“And if even that doesn’t work, we will unleash Digvijay Singh on the common man,” the source revealed the strategy to counter BJP’s strategy.