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BJP workers demand a new book from the PM titled 'Poll Warriors' to reduce tension for forthcoming elections

06, Feb 2018 By RT

Bengaluru. BJP workers in the state have demanded that a new book from the PM titled ‘Poll Warriors’ be published, to teach them how to reduce tension for the forthcoming elections.

BJP president Amit Shah greats to PM Narendra Modi for won Gujrat and Himachal Pradesh vidhan sabha Election during BJP parliamentry board meeting at the Parliament house in new Delhi on Wednesday Express photo by Prem Nath Pandey 20 dec 17

“If Karnataka goes to the Congress party again, then our future in the state is very dim, that is opposite of anything bright. We need more than 25 techniques to tackle the poll issues. Leaders at the top don’t understand. The world economic bodies don’t understand. They all project that India is the fastest growing economy. They don’t have to face the questions of an ordinary voter” a BJP worker told Faking News.

“Where is my 15 lacs? is the opening question they ask. By the time we convince them with the best of our intellectual abilities, they are ready with the second and more tough question, Acche din Kon hai? For this, we need a book to help us out. For now, we are managing with a ready-made answer saying it’s all state government’s fault. But people are not buying it” the frustrated karyakarta further added on his tension reasons.

“Forget about general electorate. My own family members question me. Last year, when I was struggling with the banks to get my life’s savings of rs. 15,000 in 500s, my wife, out of the blue, asked for rs.15 lacs. Do you believe that nowadays people started talking about GST? I was totally bowled over when a 60 year old lady, a habitual BJP voter, asked me to explain the Budget vs Actuals of the last 4 union budgets” he concluded with a lot of frustration in his voice.

I don’t know nothing about centre’s top priority for farmers and the opposition’s potshot at it; all I need are a few mantras to get me through 2019, the man was seen mumbling to himself, when Faking News reporter took leave from the place.