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BJP workers had used Happydent gums to help Rajnath’s plane fly

20, Oct 2009 By Pagal Patrakar

Dumka, Jharkhand. BJP has vehemently denied the allegations that party president Rajnath Singh violated any air traffic rule by ordering his plane to take off in darkness. Party claims that supporters of Rajnath Singh had illuminated the runway with Happydent teeth to help the chartered plane in taxiing smoothly before taking off. BJP is expected to submit thousands of wrappers of Happydent chewing-gums as a proof to the concerned authorities.

“The charges are politically motivated and full of political vendetta. Congress doesn’t say anything when their own leaders, including Rahul Gandhi, violate security rules. In fact they go all out and support them. And here is a case where our leader and our workers showed amazing presence of mind in helping a plane take off and Congress is making ugly noises. BJP’s got talent and Congress is jealous.” BJP spokesperson Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi said.

A BJP supporter helping Rajnath Singh fly
A BJP supporter helping Rajnath Singh fly

Mr. Naqvi also said that BJP was a party that was well versed in handling vehicles of all sorts and it did not need to follow any ‘external’ rules. The party has been accused of flouting Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) norms.

“What rubbish! We are a party that was created by driving a Rath. Our associations with trains are also well known. Our leaders are high flying. We know all kinds of traffic rules inside out and don’t need any external help. Rajnathji didn’t do anything wrong.” Mr. Naqvi argued.

Aviation experts and dentists are divided over the issue with. While aviation experts are not sure how could an airport be functional without lights on the runways, dentists believe that the incident could seriously damage the teeth of the BJP workers, who tried to help Rajnath Singh.

“There could be dentures and fractures in their (BJP workers’) teeth as planes send out very strong waves and vibrations to nearby objects. It could seriously harm their teeth and most of them could lose their teeth in near future.” Manjan Mehra, a leading dentist warned.

The warnings by dentists have further put BJP in trouble as the party could as well face fresh charges of endangering the dental health of their supporters. BJP is also worried of losing the appeal of being a party of the young and the strong if their supporters start losing their teeth early.