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BJP's cashless push: UP CM candidate to be selected through a lucky draw of cashless transactions

10, Jan 2017 By Sandeep Kadian

Lucknow: Post-demonetisation, Narendra Modi led NDA government is determined to promote digital transactions as much as possible. For the same initiative, BJP has now announced that they will select their CM candidate for Uttar Pradesh through a lucky draw. The winner will be selected from all the cashless transactions carried out in UP during the next 7 days, BJP President Amit Shah announced today at the launch of Pradhan Mantri Mukhya Mantri Khojo Yojana (PMMMKY).

“Ab CM candidate mil jayega”

“Our party is totally committed to cashless economy and we just wanted to show that to the people. That is why we are promoting cashless economy even while selecting our CM candidate. Everyone who wants to be our CM candidate should do as many transactions as possible during the next 7 weeks to maximize their chances”, BJP President Amit Shah said at a function in Lucknow.

When asked why Modi ji didn’t announce this scheme, Amit Ji said ,”This idea has come from Modi ji only. He wanted to come and announce this scheme himself but we couldn’t think of a good acronym for the scheme so he stayed away. PMMMKY doesn’t quite sound right for a man of our PM’s stature.”

Denying rumours that they have taken this step because BJP didn’t have any credible CM face, Amit Shah said ,”What nonsense, we have plenty of CM candidates in the state. Half a dozen of them were even campaigning for the post of CM candidate for the past 1 year. We could have also borrowed a CM candidate from Mulayam Ji’s family, anyone of his relatives whom he wasn’t using during this election but we didn’t do any of that. We have decided to promote cashless economy while selecting our CM candidate.”

Meanwhile, after this announcement, Varun Gandhi immediately logged onto the internet and started purchasing everything from a packet of salt to a new car.