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BJP's law of U-turn: Any two consecutive U turns will negate each other and put the party in right direction

07, Dec 2014 By Rajesh Turlapati

Delhi: Defending ‘U-turn’ remarks made by Congress, BJP on Thursday released a booklet named ‘Laws of U turn’ which presents a scientific approach supporting U-turns taken by the government in the last 180 days.

[Image source: Newslaundry]

The booklet which is designed by HRD minister Smriti Irani consists of 3 laws of U-turn.

“We have already proved that BJP is going in the right direction using Astrology and Numerology.  Now, we have come up with a much stronger proof with scientific explanation.  According to first law of U-turns, all our U-turns are nullified and it is proved that we are in the right direction,” said Hariram Pandey, a local BJP leader from Delhi.

Laws of U-turn (as explained in booklet)

First Law: Any two consecutive U-turns will negate each other and put the party in right direction.

Second Law: The magnitude of U-turn is directly proportional to strength (amplitude) of Modi wave and inversely proportional to Rahul Gandhi’s mental stability.

U =  A * (M / R)

U = Magnitude of U turn         A = Adani constant

M = Modi wave’s amplitude          R = Rahul Gandhi’s mental stability

Third Law: For every promise in manifesto, there is an equal and opposite U-turn.

The laws of U-turn (tag #LawsOfUturn) were seen trending in Twitter.

“I dedicate my new invention #LawsOfUturn to my professors in Yale university,” tweeted Smriti Irani.

“I am the first to predict that Smriti madam will discover #LawsOfUturn. I dedicate my prediction to Budha grah,” tweeeted BJP MP Ramesh Pokhriayal.

“Our 132 U-turns after Maharashtra elections are now nullified. Thank you Smriti ji.#LawOfUturn,” tweeted Uddhav Thackarey

“Govt should submit all derivations of #LawOfUturn to SC by Saturday,” tweeted Supreme Court

“We will submit all derivations in sealed cover.#LawOfUturn,” tweeted Arun Jaitley in response to Supreme Court.

“Can some one invent Laws of match fixing too?” tweeted Srinivasan

“#LawsOfUturn. Are you serious? ” tweeted Robert Vadra.

“Smriti Irani stole my next movie’s script. #LawsOfUturn,” tweeted Christopher Nolan.