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Blow to Modi: Gujarat CM fails to get insurance against “blows”

02, Jan 2013 By Pagal Patrakar

Gandhinagar. In a major blow to Modi, Bajaj Allianz refused to sell an insurance policy to the Gujarat Chief Minister that could have covered any physical, psychological, or electoral damages caused due to repeated “blows” reported in the media.

Narendra Modi had tried to buy such a policy as a bulk of news item related to him appeared as “blow to Modi” in the mainstream media.

“We feared for his wellbeing,” a local BJP leader told Faking News, “What if some of these blows actually cause some damage? Maybe a broken rib or something?”

Narendra Modi
Modi, apparently dealing with a blow to Modi.

The need for an insurance policy against blows was felt after Supreme Court refused to invalidate the appointment of Gujarat Lokayukta, which was reported as another blow to Modi.

Officials in Gujarat government and BJP leaders believe that the coming months will see several “blows to Modi” as the Lokayukta could release various reports hinting at irregularities in various government schemes.

“BJP doesn’t have any policy to deal with Lokayukta reports. Yeddyurappa had to resign,” the local BJP leader said, “In absence of a political policy, we decided to have an insurance policy.”

However, the first company that was approached, Bajaj Allianz, refused to create and sell any such policy.

“First of all, insurance policies are there for emergency and unexpected scenarios. ‘Blow to Modi’ falls under neither category,” Arjun Singhal, a Bajaj Allianz representative explained, “Secondly, how do we assess the damage? They kept on saying ‘blow to Modi’ and he won the elections again! There is no proof that such blows have caused him any physical, psychological, or electoral damages.”

“In fact, when he won elections last month, some said ‘blow to Modi’ as BJP couldn’t win over 150 seats in Gujarat,” he further explained, “Now imagine if we had sold this policy. Modi would have not only won the elections, he’d have claimed damages! Selling such a policy is inviting bankruptcy.”

While Narendra Modi fans claim that the insurance company’s refusal to sell any policy reflected the confidence industry had in Modi, his critics have claimed that the mere fact that Modi was looking for an insurance policy proved that there was a major blow to Modi’s confidence.