Bookies bet on next Aamir Khan film releasing before govt formation in J&K

05, Jan 2015 By indianpsycho

Srinagar. As the deadlock over govt formation in J&K continues, a delegation of Indian bookies today claimed there were higher odds of Bollywood star Aamir Khan acting and releasing his next film after PK, before any of the parties in J&K stakes claim for government.

“Looking at the pace and confusion with which things are currently progressing in J&K, we can safely conclude that there are higher chances of Aamir Khan finalizing his next film and releasing it before J&K gets a govt,” read a joint statement from the top bookies.

How long will the stalemate continue?
How long will the stalemate continue?

“We feel, when it comes to evaluating possibilities and having meaninglessly prolonged discussions, only Aamir matches the level currently being exhibited by political parties in J&K,” one such bookie told Faking News.

Further to this, the eagerness of single largest party PDP to have grand alliance in J&K also tilted the odds in favour of Aamir Khan.

“Even Aamir Khan is not known to make such atrocious demands to scriptwriters and producers of the film, before signing it,” a leading bookie argued.

Bookies further cite almost zero presence on NCP in J&K as one of the other main reasons that made them almost certain of Aamir managing to release his film first.

“Had NCP been there, it would have been a different ball game altogether. Their unconditional outside support to PDP or BJP would have resulted in a govt. seconds after results,” pointed a bookie.

Considering that Aamir Khan normally takes 2-3 years to come up with a new film, this statement by bookies seems to have created a storm in media and political circles, so much so that governor of the state is already planning to offer his resignation to the President.

“God forbid if this comes out to be true. I don’t want to end up working like Najeeb Jung,” governor Narendra Nath Vohra told Faking News.

When our reporter asked bookies as to why they didn’t place bets on an Indian test win overseas instead of betting on Aamir, they shot back, “We only predict those things that have some possibility of happening.”