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Bookies predict BJP-AIMIM alliance to form govt in next Telangana assembly elections

02, Mar 2015 By indianpsycho

Hydearabad. Soon after PDP-BJP alliance formed govt in Jammu & Kashmir, renowned political bookies started taking bets for next Telangana assembly elections, which is still some 3-4 years away.

For now Bookies have given highest odds to the BJP and Owaisi led AIMIM (All India Majlis-e-Ittehad-ul Muslimeen) alliance.

Bookies claim they made huge loses by making a mistake of not even considering a BJP-PDP alliance in J&K while bets were being placed, and they wish to make amends now.

“We had never in our wildest dreams predicted such a scenario in J&K and thus lost heavily. So this time we want to be proactive and give the alliance that seems most unlikely to happen at the moment, the highest odds,” explained a top political bookie. “Decks are already cleared for this alliance down south to happen.”

The alliance that has changed political predictions.
The alliance that has changed political predictions.

Bookies further claimed that what they were predicting in Telangana could still be far less than what could actually happen.

“3 years is a lot of time, you see. We have seen how opinions within parties, specially inside BJP change every few minutes,” pointed another bookie.

“5 years down the line, you never know, We may even see BJP allying with terror outfits to defeat terrorism. It is very much possible,” he added.

Political experts too backed predictions made by bookies and called it a part of natural progression to the change in politics, that India was witnessing.

“Power and ideologies have become mutually exclusive nowadays. Last year, AAP had literally paved way for this new kind of politics by allying with Congress, and this year BJP has taken it further. It will only go from strength to strength from here,” one such expert told Faking News.

However many BJP supporters on social media have decided to go easy on opposition parties from now on.

“Half my time on twitter these days goes in deleting my earlier tweets, which attacked parties like PDP, NCP etc. I think, now I will decide whether to attack an opposition party or not only after elections have taken place and govt has been formed in a state,” said a BJP fan who has decided to not highlight wrongdoings of JDU/RJD in Bihar, for now.

Meanwhile this alliance has raised hopes of many regional parties, especially Samajwadi Party which was facing tough fight from BJP in UP for upcolming assembly elections in 2017 there.

“Majority mein na sahi, par bhajpa ke saath toh ham sarkaar zaroor banayenge,” said a jubilant Mulayam Singh Yadav.