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Bored Amit Shah criticises EC, asks why no elections are held in January

12, Jan 2018 By itsmihir1993

After winning the Gujarat Legislative Assembly Elections in 2017, multimillionaire Jay Shah’s father cum BJP President Amit Shah’s confidence is at an all-time high. The proud father, who is the most active during elections and encounters, recently took a jibe at the Election Commission (EC) for not conducting any elections in January.

A bored Shah questioned the EC for its non-functioning during January. “The EC is behaving like a government employee—it works for four months and spends the remaining eight months taking a rest,” he said. Shah further questioned his existence if no elections are being contested, “If no elections are held, what are politicians like me elected for? For public welfare?” he asked, before realising that he was elected as the party president without an election.

Reportedly, Rahul Gandhi’s elevation as party president is giving Shah restless nights. After the Gujarat Elections scare, Shah does not want to take any chance and lose a state. “Narendra bhai and I started discussing the next election even before the results of the Gujarat Elections were out,” he said. “Hence, we want the elections soon, so that the Congress party does not get time to devise a strategy.”

The Chief Electoral Officer criticised Shah’s way of questioning the EC. In a press conference held to give a fitting reply to Shah, he said, “We will use EVMs to decide when the elections should be held, before they can be used again during the elections. And this time around, the EVMs will not help any specific party. Beat that, Shah!”

Congress President Rahul Gandhi hinted of a political vendetta behind the unfavourable voting results. He said, “The EVMs can be hacked. We don’t trust the EC despite the introduction of the VVPAT machines. I appeal to the EC to allow me to stand next to the voter while s/he casts the vote and ensure that the elections are fair.”