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Boy born on the day EC announced UP elections is now old enough to vote

27, Feb 2017 By Sandeep Kadian

Lucknow: Ramesh Kumar from Jaunpur is all set to exercise his right to vote for the first time on the 8th of March. Ramesh, who was born on the day Election Commission announced the dates for the UP elections, has managed to get his voter ID during this long, unending election campaign.

This election is still going on!

Elections in India are always stretched out over several weeks as they are very good for the economy. All the cash kept in the homes of politicians comes out in circulation, several small scale industries make money manufacturing flags and banners, unemployed youth get the job of attending political rallies for good amount of money. As per experts, longer the election, greater the benefit to the country. However, this time the elections have been stretched so much that kids born after the announcement, like Ramesh, have also managed to reach voting age before the last phase.

“I have not decided who will get my vote but I am definitely going to go out and exercise my right. I have attended a few rallies but they were all about CM blaming PM and PM blaming CM, nobody mentioned why I should vote for them so they were a waste. I am doing some reading of their manifestos to finally decide”, Ramesh said while speaking to a Faking News reporter.

When asked about the long elections, an Election Commission official said ,”What is your problem man. Election season is the best season. This is the only season when politicians work hard, law and order improves, people get free alcohol, no scams take place. In fact we should be pushing for even longer elections. Maybe we can start a never ending election. Only campaigning, no governance. Maybe the situation of our country will be better then.”