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Boy doubts politician father's influence after he failed to get even a single bundle of 2000 Rs notes

11, Dec 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

New Delhi: 13 years old Sanjay has suddenly started wondering whether his politician father has any real influence at all. Sanjay started wondering this when his father failed to get even a single bundle of the new 2000 Rs notes even after a month of demonetisation.

2000 notes
Do you have any?

There have been raids all across India where IT department has recovered Hundreds of Crores in new currency. However, neither IT department, nor new currency bundles have entered Sanjay’s house.

“Throughout my childhood I thought that my father is a very influential figure. No teacher in my school ever raised their voice in front of me because everyone knew mera baap kaun hai. I never lacked for money and always got all the expensive gifts I wanted. However, I am yet to see a bundle of new 2000 Rs notes at home. What use is this influence if we can’t force even a single bank manager to oblige us?” wondered Sanjay.

“Daily there are news of multiple raids across the country. IT department is catching people all over the place with the new notes so the really influential people are obviously getting them. I have raised this point with my dad but since 8th November, he is too shocked to react to anything”, Sanjay added.

When we discussed this with Sanjay’s father, he said ,”Forget bundles, I can’t even go to the ATM to withdraw one 2000 Rs note. People of my constituency might recognise me and start asking me where did I disappear after the elections.”