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Boy fails class test, says it was under leadership of Rahul Gandhi

09, Dec 2013 By indianpsycho

New Delhi. Pappu, a boy studying in the 6th standard of Rajiv Gandhi Higher Secondary school has credited Rahul Gandhi’s leadership for failing continuously in exams and class tests for one year now.

Pappu has claimed that he had been watching Rahul Gandhi rallies and got so addicted to them that he did not get time to study and prepare for the test.

Rahul Gandhi
A very inspiring pose of Rahul Gandhi

Sources say that Pappu’s parents had threatened to send him to a boarding school if he failed again. To escape going to boarding school, Pappu reportedly came up with this idea.

“He knew that his father was a diehard Congress supporter and a fan of Nehru-Gandhi family, and he would never accept any performance as failure if it happened under the leadership of Rahul Gandhi,” Digvijay Chaudhari, class teacher of Pappu told Faking News.

Following this strategy, Pappu went and told his father this morning that the 14 marks that he got out of 100 in mathematics were obtained under the leadership of Rahul Gandhi.

As expected, Pappu’s papa hugged his son and told him not to worry as he was still young and had a long career in front of him, just like Rahul Gandhi.

“Furthermore, 14 out of 100 is an improvement from the last test where he got 8,” Pappu’s papa is reported to have told him.

Later, when Pappu’s mummy told both of them to stop fooling around and wake up to the reality, Pappu’s father said, “It is a moment of deep introspection. The education system in India needs an aggressive transformation.”

Pappu too latched on to the opportunity and promised that he would get passing marks in a matter his parents can’t even imagine.

Meanwhile Pappu’s classmate Raju Shukla, who also is the non-playing captain of the school cricket team, came down heavily on Pappu for committing such a blasphemy.

“Even I got 3 marks and failed. But I take complete responsibility for it and thank Rahul Gandhi ji. Had it not for him, I wouldn’t have got even 3 marks,” Raju said.

Pappu has decided to use this sentence when he fails the next test next year.