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British Royal Family alleges plagiarism of its song 'God Save the Queen' by AAP's new advertisement

24, Jun 2015 By राजदीप सरदर्द दे साई

London: Seems like the Aam Aadmi Party’s tryst with troubles is far from getting over. After Tomar’s Fake Degree row, it has been accused of plagiarism. This time the allegations are coming not from within the party or the usual dishonest communal parties but from Royal family of UK.

Talking to BBC, the spokesperson of Buckingham palace alleged that latest AAM Aadmi Party advertisement ‘Bhagwan hamare Arvind Ko Salamat Rakhna’ is a direct copy of their national anthem ‘God Save the Queen’.

AAP's plagiarized TV ad. God save Arvind from the Queen
AAP’s plagiarized TV ad. God save Arvind from the Queen

“Trouble started when Local chapter of AAP in London, started to do dharna in front of Buckingham palace for reducing water and electricity bills. They alleged that there must be a lot of corruption within the palace and with queen herself that’s why Bijli Paani bills are so high in London. If Arvind can eliminate the corruption and reduce the bills, why can’t Queen. They even started trending #IsQueenAfraidOfArvind on Twitter?” said the spokesperson to Faking News.

“We were confused like hell as we had hardly seen any Dharna since we left India in 1947. We put a special team to investigate all of this. We came across a video submitted by AAP UK to the queen claiming to be a proof of ‘Corruption’ in the palace. When we saw the video, we realized the uncanny resemblance between ‘God Save The Queen’ and ‘Bhagwan Arvind Ko Salamat rakhna“. I mean what is this? On one hand, they accuse our queen of corruption and on other their copy the song for praising their own leader? Moreover when we went through tweets of AAP’s official spokesperson, some guy named Ass-U-Tush, we realized that these people have some deep rooted hatred towards English language and English people in general. I accept our forefathers may have done some atrocities to Indians but this is outrageous even by those standards. We will send a special squad of Scotland yard police to Delhi to investigate all of this”, explained the Buckingham palace spokesperson.

Reacting to this news AAP Spokesperson Ashutosh took to twitter to defend AAM Aadmi Party. “All the chiting peepal has gathered against Kejariwaal. This Skotland yard pulise is controlled by the queen to harrass honest peepal like Kejariwaal. Like Mody used delhi pulise to Harras honest leaders like Tomar. We also demand that Skotland Yard pulice should work under AAP’s UK chaptar. #IsQuinAfraidOfArvind.