Broker shows a residence equidistant from Congress and BJP headquarters to Ram Vilas Paswan as he waits for election results

22, May 2019 By Santosh Pradhan

New Delhi. Results come results go, many elections later the one thing that remains constant is that Ram Vilas Paswan remains a cabinet minister in all governments. Paswan ji has a great talent of identifying who will form the government and always tries to keep good relation with all the politicians.


The same is the case with his son too. Knowing about Paswanji’s nature, a real estate broker has shown him a new residence which is equidistance from the BJP as well as Congress headquarters.

The reason for this gesture from the broker is that Paswan ji will try to go towards the part office which will form the government in the center and if he stays at the same distance from BJP and Congress then it will be easier for him to reach his destination.

Paswanji was also seen feeding the address ‘ Government’ in Google Maps so that he can be guided to the place where government formation will take place. Whatever happens, one thing is for sure that Paswanji will be seen as a cabinet minister in the next couple of days.