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Brothers separated at Kumbh, meet during door to door campaign for Delhi elections

02, Feb 2015 By indianpsycho

New Delhi. In a strange incident that took place in Ashok Vihar area of North Delhi, two brothers who had separated 20 years ago during Kumbh Mela, got united once again thanks to aggressive door to door campaigning happening in Delhi for upcoming elections.

It all happened when Sharad Narang, an AAP volunteer knocked on the door of Vinod Narang, a known BJP supporter, late evening yesterday.

“Reading Narang nameplate outside the kothi, I was thinking to myself that like Kejriwal sir tried to woo entire baniya community by using his caste, I too would be able to establish some rapport and relation with those in the house, but was utterly shocked to find, I already have a relation with the man standing in front of me,” revealed Sharad.

Definitely not brothers.
Definitely not brothers.

But the BJP supporting brother says he wasn’t surprised with having found his AAP volunteer brother through this manner.

“I knew this insane level door to door campaigning that was happening all around was my best chance to meet my long lost brother and was at door to receive everyone for last few days,” Vinod told Faking News.

As soon as the news of brother’s unison became viral, both AAP and BJP jumped to take credit for it.

“Its correct that both of them got united. But yeh bhi toh bataiye ki gaya kaun ji? Pahal kisne ki ji?” asked Kejriwal as he made way to hug both brothers out of nowhere.

“It was the AAP volunteer who went to the house of BJP supporter. It shows that AAP is a party that takes initiatives to do things correctly and sets the agenda,” added the local AAP MLA who pounced on anybody who hailed destiny for brother’s unison.

Toh Kya hua? Ghar ke darwaaze kisne khole, yeh batao. It was the BJP supporter. It clearly shows how open we are to new thoughts, people, ideas etc,” said Satish Upadhyay, BJP President, who too left the rally he was in midway to come to Ashok Vihar.

After this, local MLAs of both the parties started pulling up arms of both the brother’s towards themselves to get them on their side.

It was only after both brothers, (who were completely shocked by how the focus had shifted from their unison to political upmanship) threatened to vote for Congress that leader of both the parties stopped pulling their arms and left the place.

Meanwhile wary of the way aggressive campaigning is happening, a resident of Paschim Puri has locked himself in his newly rented room till elections are over.

“With the way unisons are happening, I am scared of being united with my lenders,” said Deepak (name changed).