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After buying Idea, Vodafone likely to buy EVM manufacturer after EVMs were seen catching WiFi signals.

10, Dec 2017 By Guest Patrakar
On Saturday, Gujarat voted for the first phase of assembly elections. Though in most parts the voting went smooth, in some booths EVM glitches were reported that prompted opposition and journalists to allege that the EVMs were hacked. At one booth EVM was seen to catch WiFi and Bluetooth signals.
After the news of EVM getting WiFi and internet signals went viral, Vodafone sales team approached EVM manufacturer with an undeniable offer of worth hundred thousand crores. Vodafone is currently getting a lot of complaints for its poor internet signals, and seeing competition from Jio and Airtel, company is ready to go to any extent to stay in the competition.
In a similar incident, AAP leader Manish Sisodia accused Modi govt of hacking EVMs. Faking News reporter spoke to BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra on the issue. Sambit Patra said “Look these are all false allegations, and if in case EVMs are actually getting WiFi signals then also it’s victory of Modi govt as it shows that Vikas has actually happened in Gujarat”. Sambit further added “If Arvind Kejriwal ji knows that EVM can be hacked through WiFi and still he’s not installing free Wi-Fi, it shows how non-serious he is.”
Election Commission has rejected all the accusations of EVM catching WiFi signals and has given strict warning to rumor mongers after which many journalists were seen deleting their posts and tweets. One of the EC officers clarified that EVM is a standalone and can’t be connected to any network and to kill even the remotest possibility of it getting connected to any network EC will talk to Chinese phone manufacturer to manufacture EVMs too.
Any such incident of spreading rumor not only dents Democracy but also creates mistrust among voters. EC will take action against these anti-social elements but the bigger problem is these anti-social elements include many eminent personalities who have the power to influence youngsters, the future of our democracy.