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We can’t afford hosting dinner for too many winning MPs, requested Mani Shankar Aiyar Ji to help: Congress

18, May 2019 By dasu

New Delhi: Mani Shankar Aiyar’s Neech outburst is coming to the rescue of Congress once again. According to our sources, the grand old party was struggling to allocate budget for the dinner Rahul Gandhi is planning to host on May 23rd for its newly elected MPs. With Aiyar Ji’s comment which came on top of Sam Pitroda ji’s series of comments, party treasurer is hoping the number of newly elected MPs would be significantly lower than what he had factored a week back.


“Already there are close to thousand people in the party jo election contest karte nahin hai, they just hang around Sonia JI, Priyanka Ji and Rahul Ji to get free dinner like these. I told Rahul Ji we can not afford more than 50 elected MPs for the dinner, we have to do something and do it fast”, said Nathulal Vora, treasurer of the party.

According to Vora, Party had a tough time because Digvijay Singh Ji who has bayanbazi skill to reduce elected representatives’ headcount is currently busy with his own election. “Sam Pitroda Ji tried hard, but still he is a newcomer to Indian politics, and he apologizes for his statements far too quickly. Then we remembered Mani Shankar Aiyar Ji, tried and tested who has done enough for the party’s fund management over the years by limiting its growth”.

Vora regrets how party forgot about a legend like Aiyar Ji for six phases of election. “I personally sent him an apology and he replied back with a smiley, asking me is it enough or something more party expects him to do?”

After Mani Shankar Aiyar all set to take credit for congress decimation in one more election, fight has started among youth congress office bearers. “Every time veterans like Digvijay Ji ya Manishankar Ji takes credit for Party’s loss. When they will give chance to youth like us?”, asked one such angry youth leader.