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CAPTCHA pops up as Manmohan Singh tries to sign Sino-Indian deal

31, Mar 2012 By Satish Mardur

New Delhi. In a major embarrassment for Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh, a CAPTCHA popped up asking “sorry, are you human?” when he was about to sign a Sino-Indian deal during the BRICS summit a couple of days back. The bilateral deal was signed during the international summit as China was very pleased with the Indian hospitality; however the CAPTCHA almost spoiled the bonhomie.

“Our intention was not to embarrass the Indian Prime Minister,” Hu Hin, a Chinese delegate claimed. Hu informed that the deal was being signed on Chinese iPads and Dr. Singh was supposed to digitally sign it when the CAPTCHA popped up.

Manmohan Singh refused to comment, as always, over the incident.

“Guess it was some technology malfunction,” Hu said, referring to the sudden CAPTCHA – a mechanism to ensure that there is a real human being and not any robot interacting with a system – that popped up as soon as Dr. Singh put his finger on the iPad screen.

However, sources claim that China is trying to give the whole episode a spin by blaming it on the Chinese iPad. Sources say that Chinese President Hu Jintao had done a lot of background research and information gathering on Dr. Singh, some of it from Facebook too, before he ordered a CAPTCH to be inserted into the deal.

He is believed to have been influenced by photos that speak volumes about Dr. Singh’s lack of reaction to any event, one such being a shot from an Air Show where every other dignitary was seen to be appreciating and looking upwards towards the Jets, while Indian PM did not show any reaction and looked straight, almost blank.

Apart from such pictures and videos, the “no reaction” response of the Indian Prime Minister extended to any event all round the year, be it 2G spectrum scam, Coal, Defense deals, etc.

“The CAPTCHA was deliberately inserted to check if Dr. Singh reacted to it; to check whether he was really a robot, remote controlled by someone, as some Facebook posts suggested to Hu Jintao,” a source claimed.

Though Chinese delegates continue to deny that the CAPTCHA insertion was intentional, Faking News checked the video recording of the deal signing event, which suggested otherwise. The delegates hardly appeared shocked when the CAPTCHA popped up; in fact, they appeared quite relieved and clapped in joy when Dr. Singh was able to enter the correct text given by the CAPTCHA.

According to sources, Dr. Manmohan Singh had to type “50N1A” in the text-box provided to successfully sign the deal.

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