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CBI asked to study history of Nitish Kumar

15, Apr 2013 By Pagal Patrakar

New Delhi. After Bihar Chief Minister and Janta Dal (United) leader Nitish Kumar gave clear indications that he could dump NDA if BJP didn’t dump Narendra Modi, Congress has started working on a plan to bring JDU into the UPA fold.

“Bihar could turn into another Uttar Pradesh if BJP-JDU coalition breaks. Lalu and Nitish would become Mulayam and Mayawati of Bihar. Lalu is already there, Nitish needs to be brought in,” a Congress party source confirmed.

Nitish Kumar
Nitish Kumar gestures after CBI failed to find any case against him on day one

As a first step towards that, the party has asked the CBI to study the past of Nitish Kumar and find out a way through which he could have a future similar to Mulayam Singh Yadav and Mayawati – two of the most trusted organs of the UPA’s life support system.

Faking News found this out after our reporter caught a senior CBI official reading the Nitish Kumar article on Wikipedia. Initially the official claimed that he was passing time on internet, but his lies were nailed when a Google Talk message popped up on the laptop screen.

Yaar, why the hell did the court reject the petition against Nitish in the Fodder Scam last year? Now we’d have to work on weekends too!” read the message sent by someone named “Boss” on the CBI official’s contact list.

After further probing by this correspondent, the CBI official conceded that they were asked “from above” to give a “special status” to Nitish Kumar.

“Normally we go after people who could turn rogue for the UPA, but this is a special case where we are going after a person who could turn rogue for the NDA, that’s why a special status,” the official clarified.

When asked if they could find anything, the CBI official said that they were working towards it.

“It’s going to be a bit tough. Media hasn’t reported much about any misgovernance or corruption in Bihar. We did find a couple of news reports critical of his government, but soon they were replaced with headlines such as – Nitish takes a dig at Modi again – and the news reports subsequently vanished,” the CBI official shared his frustration.

“We might get in touch with Katju sir,” the official added.