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Censor Board tells Lalu to drop a vowel from the name to reduce his prison term

07, Jan 2018 By RT

Mumbai. In a bizarre announcement, Censor Board tells Lalu to drop a vowel from the name for the courts to possibly reduce his prison term. Lalu prasad yadav readily agreed to change his name to Lal prasad yadav, after learning about Padmavati to be released after changing name to Padmavat. Similar to the movie, he now demands to be released, or the jail term be reduced, it is learnt by Faking News.


Twitterati started cracking jokes on the name change by CBFC of the film Padmavati to Padmavat. One joke said, ‘Both Sanjay Leela Bansal and Prasoon Josh are happy about Padmavat, and they hope this compromise is acceptable to Narendra Mod and Rahul Gandh’. Another one said, ‘So Bhansali can now actually throw a party. Just that Whisky will be called ‘Whiska’ Vodka will be called ‘Vodki’ and so on’. And another one read ‘If Padman picks up the ‘i’ that Padmavat drops, they’ll have to call it ‘Padmani’.

None of the jokes came anywhere closer to the thunderous announcement by the RJD leader, to change his name to Lal to be released from the jail. “If a name change is all it takes to get something released in India, I am ready to play by the rules and will drop U to get myself released” the leader apparently told one of the several visitors, it is learnt by Faking News. “Padmavati would not have any cuts after the name change. But, I already had my cut long before this name change” Mr. Lal, in his changed name, smiled broadly, the visitor had further described about the meeting with the leader.

After Lalu’s announcement, now Ram Rahim Gurmeet Singh has agreed to drop several letters from his name, if all the charges are dropped and if he too can be released from the jail. His new name is going to be Ra Rahi Sing, one of the followers of the erstwhile Godman told Faking News.