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Census employees resign after Modi claims for the 56th time that India's population is 'Sava Sau Crore'

19, Apr 2018 By Santosh Pradhan

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday said that his life at the railway station was about his personal struggles and the person in the Royal Palace here was the ‘Sevak’ (servant) of Sava Sau Crore Indians. Researchers have not found any Modi speech in last 5 years where he has not claimed India’s population to be anything other than 125 Crs. Census employees who work day and night to collect all data regarding population are willing to resign from their positions after their work has not been acknowledged.


Some researchers have claimed that Modi has used the figure 125 Crores almost 56 times in the last 5 years. Census employees have also blasted the speech writers of the Prime Minister who have never corrected the figures after every speech of him. Recently there was a research team from the US which was studying the population pattern in Asia and had reached a conclusion that India has strong control over its population and it has challenged the theory of population growth. they arrived at this conclusion after listening to umpteen no of speeches delivered by the PM.

The census employees have also assured that they will take back their resignation if the PM promises to quote the right figure regarding the population in his next speech. They have also offered the free service of their own employee sitting with the PM’s speechwriter to make him/her note down the correct figures. Recently there was a student who failed in his political science paper for 1 mark as he had mentioned India’s population as 125 Crs in one of his answers, which according to him had happened as he was a frequent listener to Modi ji.