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Central govt seeks BCCI nod for use of DRS in evaluating forced religious conversions

24, Dec 2014 By ricori

New Delhi. After the recent uproar in the parliament regarding the alleged forced conversions of religious minorities to Hinduism, the central government has come up with a brilliant strategy of using the Decision Review System (DRS) for evaluating if a person’s decision to convert to Hinduism was by free will or not.

This decision was taken after someone in the government was reminded that cricket was the largest religion of India. The government decided to use this fact to solve religious issues.

However, BCCI, for the past 5 years, has blocked the use of DRS in the cricketing world. Modi sarkar hopes to strike a compromise with the BCCI for a limited use of DRS, thus pleasing citizens of a cricket and religion crazy country.

Ghar Wapasi
Ghar Wapasi in progress

The exact implementation details are still unclear, but initial reports have revealed that there will be a “projected trajectory” of the concerned person’s religion (ball), and whether it would had reached Hinduism (stumps) in the absence of RSS external elements (leg).

When contacted, one of the top BCCI officials responded, saying that, “We at BCCI don’t make rash decisions, but instead try to make logical and sensible decisions. All of us know that DRS is only about 80% accurate, hence it logically follows that we don’t use it at all. I agree that the on field umpires make far more errors, but we have to look at the bigger picture.”

When asked what exactly the bigger picture was, the official looked flustered and asked us to contact Mr. Srinivasan, who was unavailable for comment as he was reportedly watching IPL reruns to judge where it all went wrong for him.

There are reports that the BCCI will bow down to pressure from ICC, few of Team India members, and now the central govt for the use of DRS.

However, with prominent figures like the RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat and the sidelined monarch president of BCCI, Mr. Srinivasan, still in opposition of DRS, the outcome is not yet clear, with the RSS chief reportedly being worried that his current role of an on-field umpire in deciding whether conversions are forced or not, will be severely hampered.