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Channels to give at least 150 seats to AAP in exit polls, to avoid being termed "paid" by Kejriwal

12, May 2014 By indianpsycho

New Delhi. In a joint meeting held by the representatives of all leading news channels last evening, it was unanimously decided to give at least 150 seats to AAP in every exit poll that will be telecast today after 6:30 pm.

The channels took this decision to avoid Aroon Purie like situation, where Kejriwal accused him selling his soul to Narendra Modi and called his opinion poll on Varanasi, farzi.

“We’ll have to fix these polls in favor of AAP to avoid the polls being called fixed by their leadership,” a journalist revealed their strategy.

AAP supporters wanted to know which party is
AAP supporters insisted that the right spelling of “anya” was “aap” and news channel was not disclosing the truth.

“150 seats have been set aside for AAP. The real exit polls will be for remaining 393 seats only. Whatever data we have for 543 seats, we will interpolate it for these 393 seats,” he further confirmed how it will work.

“Things have been very good between me and Arvind so far, he hasn’t called me a paid Modi agent even once, and I don’t want to spoil my relations with him by doing an honest exit poll!” a krantikaari journalist told Faking News.

While majority of the channels have reserved 150 seats for AAP, a few other are even willing to directly ask Kejriwal how many seats he thinks AAP will win, so that there is no scope of corruption and farziness left in their predictions.

“You never know he may want AAP to get a complete majority, and here we are showing only 150 seats,” a psephologist from an exit poll agency explained, “So we may even take help of Yogendra Yadav’s internal surveys if need be.”

Meanwhile Kejriwal has already lashed out at Exit Polls on Twitter, hinting they should probably be done after results are out.

“72 hours before results, News Channels are going to show exit polls. Why? What r ur intentions paid jounos?” read his tweet.

Unaware of the decision taken by News Channels, Kejriwal is even ready to call the common voters paid and having deals with Modi, if exit polls don’t give AAP at least 100 seats.