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Chidambaram misplaces “clean chit” Sonia Gandhi gave him

27, Sep 2011 By Pagal Patrakar

New Delhi. This act of carelessness can cost the Home Minister dearly if his careless attitude towards internal security didn’t cost him anything. P Chidambaram has misplaced the “clean chit” that Congress President and UPA Chairperson Sonia Gandhi had given him yesterday during his 15-minutes meeting on the issue of Finance Ministry note by Pranab Mukherjee, which appeared to implicate him in the 2G spectrum allocation scam.

“Look beneath the sofa; it’s white in color,” Chidambaram was seen hurriedly and worriedly ordering his housekeeping staff, who searched every nook and corner of his official residence to find the now missing “clean chit”.

P Chidambaram
Chidambaram in a jolly mood last night

“Sir was in very good mood last night when he came back home; he was singing Benny Lava song flashing a piece of paper in his hand,” Gangubai, the senior most member of the housekeeping staff described the scenes of the last evening when Chidambaram came back home after meeting Sonia Gandhi.

“He switched on the television where news channels were discussing what could have transpired in the meetings,” Gangubai further recalled, “He was smiling and suddenly he burst into laughter, waving his piece of paper towards the television screen, yelling – this, this, you biatches!”

Chidambaram reportedly turned off the television when he saw a small report on death of Rajbala, a Baba Ramdev follower who was injured during Ramlila Maidan crackdown in June early this year.

“Good lord, the news has been lost in the whole speculation over 2G note and meetings; perhaps Pranabda is not so bad,” he is alleged to have muttered to himself before going to have a peaceful and sound sleep.

This morning, when he was supposed to hand out the “clean chit” to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, who is returning to India after speaking at UN, Chidambaram found to his horror that the chit was missing. He frantically searched everywhere but couldn’t find the prized possession.

“He even called up Subramanian Swamy and asked if he had broken into his house last night,” a close aide of Chidambaram told Faking News, “Swamy is reported to have denied the allegations and asked Chidambaram to check if his house was bugged like Pranab Mukherjee’s office.”

“Swamy seemed to suggest that there was someone who was keeping an eye over both Chidambaram and Pranab, and manipulating them to his or her own advantage,” Chidambaram’s aide explained.

Not interested in pondering over conspiracy theories, the Home Minister is reported to have tried calling up everyone, including Digvijay Singh, to get help on the missing “clean chit”, but of no help.

Experts believe that Chidambaram could be in deep trouble if he fails to find the missing chit before Manmohan Singh returns back to India later tonight.

“He better finds it by tomorrow morning and hands it over to the Prime Minister, who will then hand it over to the CBI,” an expert said.