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Chiranjeevi gets 'Best Actor' award for his acting performance in Congress Party

27, Sep 2014 By Rajesh Turlapati

Chennai. South Indian International Movie Awards (SIIMA) honoured the best talents of South Indian cinema in an event held at Malaysia on last Thursday. Chiranjeevi received the ‘Best Actor’ award in Telugu category. The award had stunned film fraternity as well as Chiranjeevi himself, as Chiranjeevi hadn’t acted in any films in last 5 years. It is known that Chiranjeevi had moved into politics and is currently trying his luck in Congress party.

“Chiranjeevi has been the best actor in Telugu for several years. Though he had not done any movies last year, his extra-ordinary acting performance in Congress party during elections earned him the award. The jury has unanimously agreed on this decision,” told SIIMA official.

Well deserved!
Well deserved!

“Most of the film stars in Andhra Pradesh are now actively participating in politics. So, it is hard for us to not consider their performances in politics. Moreover, the award committee was always blamed for mixing movies with politics, so, why not just do that in a more transparent way,” said Mr Rao, the SIIMA award committee chairman.

When Faking News asked Mr Rao on how Chiranjeevi got the award for his performance in Congress party while the party itself was a flop getting zero seats in Andhra Pradesh, Mr Rao said, “That’s the whole point. Award films will never get hit at box-office. Chiranjeevi’s performance is outstanding during elections. His acting was marvellous during some comedy scenes like when he gave speech in Rajya Sabha on Telangana issue, while saying ‘congress will win 120 seats in AP”, and while jumping queue during voting and trying to justify that in media. Infact, while watching the scene where he says ‘Rahul Gandhi is ray of hope for India’, our jury was literally rolling over floor and laughing.  His comedy timing was impeccably extra-ordinary.”

Chiranjeevi fans were seen very happy with the news. “The hero introduction scene where he says ‘reason for joining Congress party is only to achieve social justice for poor and definitely not for cabinet minister post’ is my favourite scene. That was the funniest dialogue ever told by Chiranjeevi,” quipped a fan from Amalapuram.

Though the approach recieved some criticism initially, now this is being acclaimed by all award committees in India. On Sunday, Filmfare awards announced that they are going to include all politicians in their next award ceremony.

Meanwhile, Shahrukh Khan arranged a press meet immediately after the announcement from Filmfare.

“I am quitting acting. This is getting very tough now. I can compete with Aamir and Salman for awards. But asking me to compete with the likes of Modi, Sonia, Lalu, Nitish, Mulayam and Mayawati is a big big ask,” SRK told Faking News.