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Classmates think Pappu will flunk exams, Pappu wants ban on opinion polls

04, Nov 2013 By Pagal Patrakar

New Delhi. A survey involving interactions with ten classmates of Praveen Pujari, a class 9th student of Bharat Vidya Mandir, has hinted that Praveen, also known as Pappu in the school, will most probably fail in the coming term exams.

The survey was conducted by an education consulting company Creader Private Limited. Creader talked with ten students from IX-A of Bharat Vidya Mandir, and 8 of them believed that there was no way Pappu could get passing marks in any subject in the coming exams.

Failed Exam
Pappu fears that this could be reality not because he has not studied, but because the opinion poll says so.

Based on these inputs, Creader claimed that Pappu will flunk the exams, slated to be held in first week of December.

“Since they (the classmates) have been closely observing Pappu’s performance and behavior in the class, it’s logical to assume that they have informed knowledge about Pappu’s scholastic abilities,” Dashwant Thakur, the CEO of Creader explained why the survey’s conclusion couldn’t be dismissed.

However, Pappu has rejected this “nonsense”.

“This survey is to confuse the examiners and fill them with prejudices against me, so that they give me zero marks when checking the papers,” Pappu claimed, “This is totally unscientific study, which is raising a question mark over my studies.”

Enraged with opinion poll result, Pappu has gone on a strike and stopped attending classes. He’s demanding that all future visits by Creader should be banned and no such opinion poll should be held in future again.

Pappu’s best friend Din Vijay, who has been failing in class 9th exams for three years in succession, supported Pappu’s call for a ban on such opinion polls, which were reduced to a joke in his opinion.

“Last year, they had claimed that I will get third division and will pass the exams, but I failed again. What a joke! These guys are totally unreliable,” Din Vijay told Faking News.

Some independent observers, e.g. the guy who rings bell (ghanta) in the school, have claimed that such surveys were indeed random, but Pappu’s objections were even more random.

“Why would examiners fail him if he writes the answers correctly,” the ghanta guy said, “And wait, the school has been using objective type questions that are to be answered in OMR sheets and checked by machines. There is no possibility of any bias creeping in.”

“Further, Pappu should take it as warning and wonder why his classmates think he’s such a duffer,” the ghanta guy added, “There is almost a month left. He should invest energy in studying rather than getting into such things.”