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Coming Soon: BookMyShoe - An app to order shoe attack during election rallies

11, Jan 2017 By Shaitaan Khopdi ™

Hyderabad: Taking advantage of approaching election season in Punjab, Goa, UP, Uttarakhand and Manipur, a Hyderabad based software firm has come up with an app ‘BookMyShoe’. Acknowledging the fact that politicians can go to any lengths to get sympathy votes, this app allows politicians to organize well-choreographed shoe attacks on themselves and even on opposition if they so desire.

Want it, Book it!

“This app works on SAAS (Shoe-As-A-Service) model. It provides a platform for politician and potential shoe throwers where they can setup date & time of attack”, told Rahul Yadav, the entrepreneur who designed this app.

Politicians who were already clueless about funding their election campaigns post Demonetization, were given another a body blow by judiciary when apex court barred them from using religion caste etc in their vote appeals. In such circumstances, this app has appeared like an angel. Politicians don’t have to pay anything for this service, its free for now in its beta stage. The company expects a formal launch in time for the 2019 general elections. Once paid, the service will be integrated with UPI payment apps and popular mobile wallets.

“There are already many people who are so angry with the political discourse that they will be ready to throw shoes at them voluntarily, that too for free, so money is not a problem for now. Politicians will play victim by accusing rival parties and shoe thrower will get the ultimate satisfaction of his life. It is a win-win situation”, Rahul added.

Talking about the future expansion, he said that they are planning to add tinder like feature where attacker and victim will swipe right to show interest in each other. Similarly, victim politicians will also be able to give feedback (just like drivers and customer of app based taxis do) to throwers on quality and precision of the shoe. If this does well, they are also planning to add ink attack feature.

Shaitaan Khopdi™ asked Rahul which state is expected to generate greatest demand for this app. In response, Rahul said, “We don’t see much demand in UP since there is already so much drama going on but we have high hopes for Punjab and Goa.”