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Computers in India to carry “Made in China, Brought in by Congress” label

08, Feb 2013 By Pagal Patrakar

New Delhi. To reinforce the claim that computers were brought to India by Rajiv Gandhi, the government has asked all computer manufacturers to put “Brought in by Congress” label on their products selling in India.

Since India has failed to become a manufacturing hub and most of the computers/laptops among other things are made in China these days, the effective label will read “Made in China. Now in India. Brought in by Congress.

Congress Barcode
Old story with a new label

“We are trying to educate our citizens who are being misinformed by stuff they read it online, ironically through computers,” Union Commerce Minister Anand Sharma said.

“The young generation is being told half-truths,” Mr. Sharma claimed, “They think Charles Babbage designed a computer and Bill Gates sold it, but they have no idea about crucial intervention by Shri Rajiv Gandhi and Congress.”

When asked what special efforts did Congress put in to bring in a technology that was already to set to enter global markets including India, the Union Minister expressed shock and disgust at the question put by Faking News.

“Do you have no sense of patriotism left inside you? How can you even say such a silly thing?” Mr. Sharma started off with a rhetorical counter question.

“Nothing can enter or leave India without special interventions by Congress, be it Ottavio Quattrocchi or Warren Anderson,” he explained after regaining his composure.

“And don’t assume that just because an idea/technology is popular and convincing, it is set to enter India. Democracy was also popular and convincing, but we kicked it out in 1975-77! We decide what is good for the masses, and accordingly we let it enter India e.g. corruption,” he clarified.

“We should be rightfully credited for the good work we have done,” Mr. Sharma justified the new government order for the computer manufacturers.

Meanwhile unconfirmed sources suggest that espresso chains like Barista, Café Coffee Day, Starbucks, etc. have been approached by Narendra Modi with a proposal to put a banner in the outlets reading “Milk used in our coffee comes from Gujarat.”