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We are confident of meeting PM during his next foreign trip says distressed farmers

29, Jun 2017 By dasu

Chennai: A group of distressed farmers from Tamil Nadu have decided to take a chance, hoping they would be able to meet PM Modi during his July 1st week foreign trip to Israel.


They feel if PM could extract some time from his busy schedule to meet Priyanka Chopra in Berlin and Suresh Raina and his wife at Amsterdam, they have a good chance to meet him during his two days’ trip to Israel.

“It’s not like we did not try to meet him in India. We did 41 days of protest near Jantar Mantar in March & April month this year. To bring his attention, we held protest cross-dressing as women, staged street plays. We had lunch directly off the road, ran naked near Prime Minister’s Office. We held mouse in our mouth, ate snake meat and drank urine”, said R Sukumaran, a farmer leader from Thiruvallur.

Sukumaran added, “Before going to New Delhi, we had done our homework. We knew he will busy in UP election campaign, so we postponed our protest to Mid of March thinking he will be relatively free. But that was not the case. After Priyanka and Raina episode, it is clear to us he has time for face to face meeting during foreign trips only”

“We are poor farmers and the drought we are facing is the worst in last 140 years. We cannot go far as we have no money to use any mode of communication. We thought, some of us are good swimmers, let us take a chance, swim through Arabian sea and reach Israel capital before July 6th, the day PM will return. We hope a five-minute meeting would do a lot of good for us”

When we asked, what is the guarantee PM will meet you there as each trip is different, this might be hectic one as this is the first time an Indian PM is going to Israel, he said, “It’s calculated risk we are taking. As there would be no Arun Jaitley and Venkaiah Naidu to fall back on, he will definitely come forward to listen to us”.

In Tamil Nadu both factions of AIADMK are in touch with Sukumaran to take credit if the meeting with PM becomes successful.