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Congress adopts property dealer who gave free land to Robert Vadra

13, May 2013 By Sushant Sharma

Gurgaon. A day after Congress adopted a boy in Madhya Pradesh who gave free newspaper to Rahul Gandhi, the party has adopted a man – a property dealer in Haryana – who gave free land to Robert Vadra.

“Pappu Lamba will now be the official property agent of Congress,” a Haryana Congress leader announced.

“Although the party is not officially into real-estate business, we have decided to return the favor to Lamba, who gave 3 acres of land free to Shri Vadra and helped daamaad-ji grow his business by leaps and bounds,” the leader quickly clarified.

Robert Vadra
Vadra showing the symbol of his trust

Speaking exclusively to Faking News, Robert Vadra confirmed the development and said that it was in the blood of Congress to help those who have helped the party at crucial junctures, such as Rahul Gandhi’s desire to read a newspaper.

“Of course, people like Narsimha Rao are exceptions; what is a rule without exception?” Vadra responded to a query by Faking News on why some people were not returned the favor.

He refused to comment when asked if Prime Minister Manmohan Singh was also an exception to the above rule.

Although Vadra is a “private citizen” and not an official member of the Congress party, the step is being seen in harmony with the events seen a few months back when Congress leaders were out in open supporting his allegedly murky business deals.

“After all I’m part of the family, and the party definitely helps people who help the family, if not the party,” the son-in-law of Sonia Gandhi claimed.

To buttress his point, Vadra pointed to the case of National Herald – a newspaper Congress adopted because it helped Jawaharlal Nehru – and Pratibha Patil, who cooked and washed for Indira Gandhi and was later adopted as the President of India.

Meanwhile Pappu Lamba is a happy man. After being adopted, he has expressed his desire to fly to Karnataka, the latest state to be ruled by Congress, to seal some land deals for Robert Vadra.