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Congress afraid that Lok Sabha speaker may allow Rahul Gandhi to speak

06, Aug 2014 By idiot420

New Delhi. After Rahul Gandhi accused Lok Sabha speaker Sumitra Mahajan of being biased towards BJP for not allowing him to speak inside the Parliament, many Congress leaders are afraid that Lok Sabha speaker may allow Rahul to speak.

Being Congress MPs, they are not openly expressing their views against their lord Vice President, but a couple of them did accept on the condition of anonymity.

Sources say that despite running along with Rahul Gandhi in the Lok Sabha well today protesting that Congress was not allowed to speak, party MPs were afraid of the consequences.

Rahul Gandhi sleeping
This is what most Congress MPs want.

“Last time when Rahul Ji tried to speak, our MPs count reduced from 206 to 44. That’s why we don’t want to take such a risk again. Who knows, our strength could further get reduced to 24,” Ramkhilawan Singh (imaginary name of a Congress MP) told Faking News.

Ramkhilawan Singh claims that he and other MPs pray to god daily that Rahul Gandhi falls asleep in the Parliament so that things don’t get worse for the party.

“His habit of sleeping during Lok Sabha proceedings is a huge respite for us. Even though the party faced a lot of ridicule when visuals of him sleeping were broadcast on TV, believe me, it’s a blessing in disguise,” the MP said, claiming that the benefits derived from a sleeping Rahul Gandhi were far more than any of those derived from a speaking Rahul Gandhi.

Ramkhilawan’s confession has led to rumors that some Congress MPs have been adding sedative to Rahul Gandhi’s breakfast.

“You know why opposition was outraging when Rahul Gandhi was caught sleeping? Because they wanted him to speak; obviously for their own benefits,” another Congress MP claimed.

Meanwhile, as a precautionary measure to avoid embarrassment in case Rahul Gandhi is allowed and asked to speak on various issues, Congress MPs are planning to put cotton buds inside their ears.