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Congress already feeling like withdrawing support from AAP government

23, Dec 2013 By Pagal Patrakar

New Delhi. Even though Arvind Kejriwal is yet to be sworn in as the Chief Minister of Delhi and the legislative assembly has not met even for a single day, sources say that Congress is already itching to withdraw support from the Delhi government to be formed by its outside support.

“Old habits die hard,” said a Congress leader on conditions of anonymity, “Just can’t wait to see these guys suddenly realize that they are no longer in power.”

“They trolled us a lot in the virtual world, now let’s troll them in the real world.”
“They trolled us a lot in the virtual world, now let’s troll them in the real world.”

“Lulz,” he added.

Party sources tell Faking News that a high level meeting of Congress leaders has been called later this week to decide the best time when the party should pull the carpet.

“Only the timing needs to be decided, otherwise the fact that we should push these guys off chair is a unanimous decision,” a party leader confirmed.

While most of the leaders agree that it will be too early to withdraw support today itself, many believe that they shouldn’t wait for too long.

“What if they actually do some good work and prove themselves to be an effective and non-corrupt Congress?” a party leader is reported to have said, aggressively pushing for withdrawal of support at the earliest.

However, some in the party reject such fears.

“They have similar socialist and populist policies like us. They just can’t work. We have decades of experience to prove that these things don’t work,” another Congress leader argued.

This group wants Congress to keep supporting the AAP government in Delhi till the situation becomes worse than those in Congress days.

However, a third group is in favor of withdrawing support as early as possible, regardless of the performance by the government.

“AAP government must fall before the Lok Sabha elections,” a leader argued, “We should make sure that these guys appear as martyrs and end up winning all the seats from Delhi and from other urban areas of India.”

“Afterwards, we will support them from outside, along with the third and fourth fronts, to form the central government,” the leader revealed the grand plan.

“The plan is to spoil the party of BJP,” he explained, “Hum toh doobenge sanam, tumko bhi le doobenge.”