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Congress asks Tharoor to blame his nephew for the article praising Modi

06, Jun 2014 By idiot420

New Delhi. News is coming in that in order to end the embarrassment created within the party by Shashi Tharoor’s article praising Modi, Congress is trying its best to convince Mr. Tharoor to put the blame on his nephew for writing the “controversial” column in Huffington Post.

A Congress leader on conditions of anonymity said that there was nothing wrong in backtracking or blaming others for your own act.

Shashi Tharoor
Tharoor’s reaction after hearing party’s suggestion.

“Shashi Ji should understand this fact and take immediate measures. We know that he has committed a mistake, but being a large-hearted party, we are ready to forgive him if he follows what we are suggesting,” said the leader, hinting that backdoor talks between Tharoor and Congress high command were on.

As per sources, the idea of blaming a nephew was tossed by the Congress party disciplinary committee, which very well knows Tharoor’s love for cricket.

The committee has given Tharoor’s views a rating of ‘C’, which is a pardonable crime.

“If a leader says something against the Gandhi family, that results into an ‘A’ rated crime, which is unpardonable and results into immediate expulsion from the party. But Tharoor’s crime is pardonable, all he needs to do is to simply disown his article and statements,” explained a source close to the disciplinary committee.

Party insiders say that prior to 16th May, praising Modi was considered to be ‘A+’ rated crime, but with just 44 MPs in the Parliament, rules have been toned down.

“They can’t fire Tharoor from Congress as he is one of the 44 Congress MPs; he is a rare species. They can’t afford to let AIADMK or TMC become bigger than Congress by suspending an MP,” disclosed a party insider.

While they can’t simply throw him out as he was thrown out of the ministry during UPA-II, Congress leaders are trying various tricks to pressurize and convince Tharoor to disown his article about Modi 2.0.

Sources tell Faking News that family loyalist Mani Shankar Aiyar’s claim that Tharoor’s article was childish was a part of the scheme to help Tharoor blame it on some child in his family.

Sources further tell that Congress is in touch with Lalit Modi too, whose tweets forced Tharoor to resign as a minister. “One Modi will help us deal with another one,” a Congress leader confirmed.