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Congress blames Dolly Bindra for poor performance in Bihar elections

24, Nov 2010 By Pagal Patrakar

Patna. State Congress unit has refused to accept that Bihar assembly election results were in any way failure of Rahul Gandhi’s magic in electoral politics and has instead blamed Dolly Bindra among others for the party’s poor performance. Bihar unit of Congress has in fact congratulated Rahul Gandhi for his whirlwind tours that had attracted huge turnout of media reports.

“That’s nonsense,” Mukul Wasnik, the AICC general secretary in-charge for Bihar said when asked if the results proved that Rahul Gandhi’s “magic” failed to work in the state.

“Of course there was magic,” he reiterated, “but why are you trying to relate magic with reality? That’s such an unfair comparison. PC Sorcar Jr had made Taj Mahal disappear with his magic some 10 years ago, but we all know Taj Mahal is still there. So? Would you term that achievement as failure?”

Dolly Bindra in Big Boss 4
Congress believes she scared the Bihar voters even as Rahul Gandhi did his best

Mr. Wasnik expressed confidence that the Yuvraaj would continue to cast his magical spells even as he blamed a myriad of things for electoral debacle, including Dolly Bindra, a heavyweight television personality.

“People hated her,” Mr. Wasnik said, “she was plump and cocky; almost reminded people of Lalu Yadav when he was at the helm of the affairs in Bihar. She spoilt the mood of people and out of this huge irritation people voted for JD(UP)-BJP combine.”

“She had full control over food in the Bigg Boss house,” he further explained, “maybe that reminded people of the fodder scam.”

There were dozens of other reasons and “explanations” that Mr. Wasnik and other state leaders of Congress came up with to explain the horrible performance of the grand old party in the elections, but none of them were ready to put any blame on Rahul Gandhi.

Meanwhile experts have alerted Bihar administration of flash-floods that could erupt when RJD leaders and workers break down into tears once the final results are announced.