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Congress claims victory over Narendra Modi’s fast using Duckworth-Lewis method

17, Sep 2011 By Pagal Patrakar

Ahmedabad. On a day when both Congress and BJP leaders sat on their respective fasts in Gujarat, it was but natural that the whole affair would become competitive in nature, with each side claiming victory at the end of three days. However, Congress has claimed victory on the first day itself citing provisions offered in the Duckworth-Lewis method, which is used to decide a winning team if a limited over cricket match is curtained due to rains or bad light.

“It is raining in Ahmedabad these days and we realized that rains could stop the fasts anytime soon,” Congress leader Shankersinh Vaghela said, who had announced a “counter fast” after BJP leader and Chief Minister Narendra Modi announced his three-day fast for peace and harmony in the state.

“We had done our homework and we decided to stay ahead on all the vital parameters that an expert could factor in to decide the winner, once rains interrupted and stopped the fasts,” Vaghela revealed the strategy Congress has been adopting to defeat Modi in Gujarat all these years.

Duckworth-Lewis or the Modi-Rahul method
Many commentators have referred to the ongoing fasts by BJP and Congress as GPL – Gujarat Premier League

Finally, when it rained around 1.11 PM and both the fasts were briefly stopped to make sure political workers don’t get drenched, Congress announced that they had “won” the fasting match according to the Duckworth-Lewis method.

“We had ‘scored’ more and we had more than required ‘resources’ at our hands when rains stopped the fast,” Vaghela explained and claimed that the Duckworth-Lewis method could be applied in this case as more than four hours of competitive fasting had already taken place when rains interrupted the contest.

It should be noted that the Duckworth-Lewis method takes into account the ‘resources’ a team has at a point of time to calculate and predict team’s final score. In terms of cricket, these resources refer to ‘wickets in hand’ and ‘overs remaining’ and are applied to the score at which the game was stopped.

Congress scorers point out that since Vaghela had started his fast earlier than Modi, he was fasting on a ‘higher score’ when the fast was stopped; however there was huge controversy over the calculation of ‘resources’.

“Our fast venue was bigger and we had ACs and other grand arrangements, while he was fasting at footpath. How come he had better resources?” BJP President Nitin Gadkari disputed the claims of the Congress leader.

“Or was he referring to the Gujarat Governor as Congress resource?” he quipped, and claimed that the real winner was BJP, whether in the four-hour format or the three-day version of the contest.

Congress has rejected such criticisms and insisted that the party had many resources such as the goodwill of minorities and it indeed had won the “first round” of the fast, and would eventually win the series at the end of the third day.

With both the parties claiming victory, some journalists advised that the matter could be referred to Anna Hazare, who is seen as an expert on fasts. But sources suggest that Anna refused to step in and play third-umpire in this particular case.

However, both the parties agree that their stances didn’t amount to any mockery of fasting.