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Congress congratulates Robert Vadra for getting a clean chit from Priyanka Gandhi

22, Apr 2014 By Pagal Patrakar

New Delhi. After Priyanka Gandhi claimed that her family was being wrongly maligned by the BJP, Congress has congratulated Robert Vadra, a part of her family, for getting this clean chit from a Gandhi with the cleanest image.

“Hooda sir did his best. He kicked out Ashok Khemka and got a clean chit for Vadra, but the certificate by Priyanka ji is priceless,” a Congress leader from Haryana told Faking News.

Robert Vadra
Coming soon – a new and improved Vadra.

“Robert Vadra got lucky, again,” he added.

Party sources say that after Priyanka publicly defended Robert Vadra, Congress leaders were filled with new enthusiasm and energy to defend Vadra on his controversial land and real estate deals.

“When party leaders, many of them ministers in the government, had run to TV studios and journalists to defend Vadra, questions were raised as to why these people were feeling obliged to defend a private citizen. But now all the family loyalists feel vindicated,” a party source revealed.

Sources further reveal that there was some confusion among family loyalists after opposition spread rumors that Vadra could be suspended from the family to keep the image of the family clean, which has been the party’s mission and objective since India’s independence.

But now with Priyanka supporting her hubby with full force, the party has got the signal loud and clear that Vadra too was a clean, honest, secular, and progressive person, who should be written about in a favorable manner by historians and commentators.

“Congratulations sir, you are the epitome of honesty and a source of inspiration for every budding entrepreneur and small farmer in our country,” a congratulatory note delivered to Robert Vadra read.

Political experts say that the emotional family talk delivered by Priyanka Gandhi, which was different from the usual family stories told by Rahul Gandhi, signified a shift in Congress party leadership.

“This clearly shows that Priyanka is better at telling stories, and thus a better leader than her brother Rahul. This is a blow to Modi and Rahul both, but a damn good news for Vadra,” an expert claimed.