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Congress decides to put all Karnataka MLAs in Virar Local so that Amit Shah cannot find them

18, May 2018 By Santosh Pradhan

Two missing Congress MLAs have been the butt of gossip from the time the government formation + crisis erupted. Two-time Vijayanagara (Ballari) MLA Anand Singh has been doing a flip-flop on his support to the Congress. The incident has put Congress into a spot of bother as they fear Amit Shah finding and dealing with their MLAs to form a government.


This is when a senior Congress member Jagdish Malik from Bareily came up with an innovative plan. He suggested the Congress working committee to put all MLAs into a Virar local in Mumbai, as it is very tough to find people in a Virar local which is packed to the brim. Virar Locals are known for their passengers filling up the train, train roofs, train doors and almost every inch of space available in the train. Today morning, it was announced by the Congress party that they will put the MLAs in a Virar local as soon as possible and the MLAs have already started their journey towards Mumbai.

Mumbai Suburban Railway authorities have promised that the MLAs will be pushed into the most crowded trains and will commute to and from Virar to Churchgate on a daily basis. No one has ever had the guts to go inside a Virar local to find people, so it has to be seen what steps does Amit Shah take to get hold of 8 MLAs. Whatever the outcome be, its a serious test for the Mumbai local to maintain its long standing record.