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Congress' Delhi MLAs to join AAP with hope of being approached by BJP

09, Sep 2014 By indianpsycho

New Delhi. Soon after AAP released a sting video showing Delhi BJP vice president Sher Singh Dagar offering Rs 4 crores to AAP MLAs, 8 MLAs of Congress in Delhi have decided to join AAP with hope of being approached and offered same money by BJP.

Accepting that their strength was too small to be even visible, these MLAs feel switching over to AAP would at least help them fetch attention of BJP’s Delhi unit.

Assuring BJP of full support in govt formation, these MLAs feel once they are in AAP, offers will start flowing in from BJP.

Main keya paaji ik vaari gal tan kar leyo saade naal

“AAP may have issues with horse trading, but we have absolutely no qualms,” one such Congress MLA claimed, “Waise bhi with our strength in the house, we are as good as independent MLAs and hence there is nothing ethically wrong if we take our own independent decision on which party to support.”

BJP ko hamse baat karne mein sharmane ki jarurat nahi hai. Baat karne se hi to baat banti hai,” the MLA chuckled.

Some congress MLAs even feel let down by the manner in which BJP chose to overlook them and preferred approaching AAP MLAs instead.

“This is not how you treat MLAs of a national party, that too a party with Rahul Gandhi ji and Sonia Gandhi ji at helm,” said another MLA, lashing out at BJP.

When told that their joining AAP would increase AAP’s strength and would make them eligible for govt formation, MLAs said they will strategically switch one by one.

“First one of us will go to AAP, make himself available to BJP and then after they have made their offer, he will switch to BJP. Then second MLA from our party will repeat same procedure. This way we will ensure AAP never becomes single largest party,” the MLA explained.

However BJP VP Sher Singh Dagar had a different perspective.

“Everyone knows AAP is B-Team of Congress so there is no point making offers to both of them independently,” Dagar argued.

“And as it is my house is a thorough fare. Anyone can come and discuss anything. Just like AAP came to my place, Congress MLAs too can come if they want,” he added.