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Congress distributing special glasses that allows people see development work of Rahul Gandhi in Amethi

29, Apr 2014 By idiot420

Amethi. Days before the Gandhi family bastion Amethi goes to poll, Congress is distributing a specially designed glasses – Golmaal Glass, which allows people to see development work done by Rahul Gandhi in his constituency.

Grand old party took the initiative after many locals complained that they were unable to see any development in Amethi, even after the Gandhi family members insisted that there was a lot of development.

Golmaal Glass
Size of glasses directly proportional to the level of development.

“BJP’s ad blitz has created such an illusion all around that innocent villagers are unable to see road, electricity, and prosperity in Amethi with their naked eyes. This high-tech visionary Golmaal Glass will help voters to look beyond Modi’s mayajaal,” said Priyanka Gandhi while talking to media in Amethi.

Golmaal Glass allows a person to see even at night. However, Congress refuses that they used night vision technology in the glass. “It actually lets people to see that we have electricity in Amethi, and thus they can see things even when it’s dark,” explained a local Congress leader.

One more notable feature is of the Golmaal Glass is that once a person wears it, he or she is not able to see potholes on road.

“All these potholes and abject poverty in Amethi are BJP’s false agenda. When you wear our glass, the clothless and malnutritioned people will look healthy and laden with designer clothes,” revealed Rahul Gandhi demonstrating a pair of Golmaal Glasses.

“If you want to see how rich and prosperous is Amethi, look through our eyes,” he appealed.

“Prosperity lies in the eyes of the beholder; it’s a state of mind,” Rahul ended his demonstration on a philosophical note.

After distributing the glasses, Congress lashed out at BJP for turning normal eyes of common Indian citizens into biased eyes, which are now unable to see work done by ruling party in the last 10 years.

Sources tell Faking News that the glasses were conceptualized and manufactured by Kapil Sibal, head of the Science & Technology division of the Congress party. Sibal says that Golmaal Glass is filled with positiveness and optimism.

“If you wear it and look at a glass half filled with water, you will find it fully filled,” Sibal claimed. Reportedly, they are also working to convert it into a contact lens.

Meanwhile, excited with positive responses they are getting in Amethi, Congress is also planning to take this Amethi model of development to the rest of country to counter Modi’s Gujarat model of development.