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Congress employs 10,000 men to pray to neutralize Rajinikanth's wishes for Modi

14, Apr 2014 By idiot420

Delhi. After Rajinikanth said that he prayed for Modi’s wishes to come true during his yesterday’s meeting with BJP’s Prime Ministerial candidate, Congress has hired 10000 men to pray against the Tamil superstar’s prayers.

“It is a serious situation. After all, he is Rajinikanth, we can’t take his prayers lightly. To counter his prayers, we need at least 10,000 men to pray for our success,” said Congress spokesperson Digvijay Singh while making arrangement for 12 hour long pray conclave at Ramlila Maidan.

Modi Rajnikanth
“Now, go and take rest Mr Modi”

“We are making sure that the crowd coming in is secular, so that gods of different religions listen to our prayers and help us during this tough time. All secular gods need to unite to stop communal forces from coming into power,” Mr Singh added further.

Reportedly, Congress has also asked party members to not to waste any opportunity to wish against Modi if they see a shooting star or if their eyelashes comes out.

Earlier Congress had complained to Election Commission and had requested them to order Rajinikanth to take back his prayers, but their request was turned down.

“It was unfair on BJP’s part to take blessing from some superhuman. It was certainly a violation of model code of conduct. It’s like using a Nuclear weapon while we are fighting with bow and arrow,” rued a Congress leader, “Thanks to Rahul Ji for this counter prayers idea, otherwise we were finished.”

Congress also attacked Narendra Modi for his choice of star to meet.

“BJP is centred around an individual, similar are Rajinikanth’s movies. If you look closely, you will understand everything,” explained spokesperson Sanjay Jha, who was immediately discovered by Rajini fans on Twitter.

Meanwhile, taking a cue from Congress’ initiative, even AAP supremo Arvind Kejriwal tweeted to his 1.6 million followers to pray against Rajnikanth’s prayers.

“Look ji, as we are very small people and when Congress is using 10K people, then our party definitely needs at least 1 lakh people to pray,” said Kejriwal, “Size matters ji.”